My G2

I am a lucky owner of a 1966 Clairtone G2. I won an eBay auction for a mere $250 and drove to Chicago from Columbus, OH, in a crazy snow storm to pick it up.  Unfortunately, someone had “upgraded” the components in my console to a Phillips turntable and a Marantz 2235 integrated amp.  The Marantz 2235 is way too deep and protrudes from the bottom of the console,  and unfortunately the previous owner cut through the bottom of the cabinet to accommodate the amp.
clairtone G2 on eBayThe G2 was one of the first units with a receiver that used transistors instead of tubes; this allowed for the completely closed-in “flat” mounted configuration with controls on top of the integrated amp (which allowed for a very shallow cabinet depth).

Clairtone components weren’t necessarily the best as far as audio goes, so until I find a Clairtone t10 or t14 to restore this G2 to original, I am happily using a cheap but good sounding micro amp (DTA 120) to power the speakers, and I spin vinyl on the Garrard Lab 80mkII or stream FLAC via WiFi (Mac Airport Express) and Bluetooth (cheap eBay dongle).